Italian Pen Manufacturer Announces Production of Crypto Themed Bitcoin Pen


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Ancora, an Italian based company which has created exquisite pens by hand since 1919, has just announced the beginning of production for their Bitcoin Pen. There will only be 88 Fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens, making each of them a limited-edition piece. Buyers are able to reserve their number, with some numbers being more valuable than others. Number 1 and 88 of the Fountain pens are classified “platinum” and cost 1 BTC. Gold numbers are half a Bitcoin, and would be 8, 11,22,33,44,55,66,77, and 88.

Silver numbers are a quarter of a Bitcoin, and are only for numbers for the 888 rollerball pens. On top of reserving a number, Ancora is following a ICO model for purchasing the pens, similar to how in their Titanic line of pens, which used a piece of the first-class cabin of the ship. Buyers will be able to reserve pens at a lower cost compared to if they wanted to purchase one later in the production schedule. Currently, in the pre-production stage, Fountain pens are $1000, and Rollerball pens are $750. The pre-production stage begins now, until the 28th of December.

The Production Stage, which will run from January 1st to January 26th, and Ancora will sell the Fountain pen at $1250 and the Rollerball at $1000, or the Fountain pens pre-production price. This is an increase of 25% on the Fountain pen, and 33% on the Rollerball pens.

The first delivery of pens will start in March, with 30 Fountain pens and 296 Rollerball pens being shipped out. The second delivery of an identical payload will be in April, with the last shipment completing the batch to be expected in May of 2018.

Retail price, from June 1st onwards, will see the Fountain Pen sold at $2500 USD, and Rollerballs at $2250. From Pre-production, this would be a 250% increase in price for the Fountain pen and 300% increase for the Rollerball pens respectively. If one could secure a pen during the pre-production, the buyer is already guaranteed an increase in valuation of their pen even before it reaches them, similar to how many ICO tokens raise in value the later one purchases them.

If you miss out on this opportunity, Ancora stated that they will be announcing production of another cryptocurrency themed pen in February, but this time based on customer input. Interested buyers can vote by voicing their wants over on Ancora’s Telegram channel. Besides the expected fiat currencies that are accepted (USD and EUR), Bitcoin and Ethereum are both accepted as payment methods for these pens, which is only appropriate considering they are catered toward the crypto-oriented audience.

To learn more about the brand, or to pre-order a Bitcoin pen, visit the following links:  –

About Ancora

Ancora’s brand history is as one of the first Italian companies to produce pens. No doubt that Ancora’s history is the history of its founder – Giuseppe Zanini, who in the early part of the twentieth century was able by having gained the necessary experience to realize his dream – to create perfect pens in his own factory.

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