Moldova to Champion Blockchain Cause Through Transformative Innovations and Investment Opportunities


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After reportedly eyeing blockchain technology to stamp out child trafficking, Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, will now be adopting the technology to power investment opportunities in the country through the creation of a “Digital & Distributed Technology Moldova Association”, DTMA

Founded, developed, and supported by an advisory board comprising of both local and international luminaries, DMTA will further developments of blockchain innovations through workshops and presentation by eminent authorities.within and outside the country. These personalities will present variable use cases for blockchain to help the community harness the disruptive power of the blockchain and channel it towards developmental efforts.

DTMA core objectives will leverage Moldova’s untapped human resource potentials in introducing core international blockchain products into its economic system. Moldova’s human resources will be an invaluable asset for organizations seeking highly skilled and versatile personnel. The country’s policies also facilitate a perfect testbed for incubating, maturing, and trialing projects for the global community.

The DTMA portal is now online and opened to registrations. The community portal is now online and open to registrations. Registered users will be able to connect to like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs, locate potential partners and investors for their projects, promote their skills and businesses, and attend seminars and workshops.

DTMA has lined up a string of projects for 2018 that are destined to play key roles in adding values to not only the local economy, but also other areas as follows:

  • January 2018: The first Moldova exchange will launch pairing eight fiat currencies with cryptos
  • Recently, DTMA launched a its native version of the popular Dash blockchain for self-governance. The platform will also enable students and academicians apply for small grants in order to develop blockchain solutions.
  • Discussions are underway for the creation of a Tech Zone within the Free Economic Zones. The zones will offer tax breaks for Blockchain projects and aims to digitise the development of an 80 Hectares, commercial real estate for mining projects
  • DTMA Training and workshops geared at international companies looking to penetrate  the Moldova market. These programs will introduce them to market opportunities and provide them with access to required resources.
  • The country’s local businesses will be supported through a Travel Portal. The portal will support tour guides, exports of wine from Moldova and social engagement/marketing opportunities through tokenization. Already, the portal is live and actively supporting 900 Airlines and 800,000 hotels globally.
  • DTMA has also initiated discussions with local, private companies through due diligence. The discussion is geared at helping companies explore the viability of creating the country’s own version of Level 39, Canary Wharf, London (dubbed the most influential hub for Innovation in Europe). This proposal could dramatically elevate the status of Moldova, enabling it to be a hub between the CIS Countries and EU.

DTMA aims to support the digital era through its initiatives, while helping Moldova cement its place in the future. The platform hopes to attract the International market and direct its attention towards Moldova as a viable and potential National Hub, whilst improving and supporting higher education through the government’s economic and Digital roadmap – “Digital Moldova 2020”.

DTMA openly welcomes the crypto communities, enthusiasts, and blockchain projects, bidding them to come join and support a cause that is certain to champion the legitimacy of blockchain technology.

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