XWIN ICO off to a Rousing Start, Bringing Blockchain Integrity to Online Betting


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XWIN, a transparent betting platform that uses smart contracts, has already registered more than 5,000 people since its ICO began on Jan. 1. The ICO lasts through the end of the month, and those who invest by Jan. 15 can gain a 20% bonus, with 1 XWIN token being equal to 0.004 ETH.


The ICO gives investors the unprecedented chance to hold a stake in the crypto-bookmaking platform that awards them 20% of its profit margin. XWIN delivers privacy, security and guaranteed access to betting events, giving investors the chance to earn a hefty income form bookmaking.

The XWIN ICO itself operates on an Ethereum smart contract, ensuring transparency, safety, sustainability, 24/7 control and streamlined investment potential.


Unprecedented Opportunity

The bookmaker business offers major income potential, as margins range from 6% to 20% per bet. The remotely controlled margin transfers to the XWIN smart contract account.

The cost per token is 0.004 ETH.

• 20% of the tokens will be available for the founders one year later.
• 80% of the tokens will be for the open sale.

XWIN’s mission is to provide the most convenient and successful platform in the crypto betting industry.

The income from online betting will grow by nearly 12% annually, according to H2 Gambling Capital.

Smart Contract Governs Payout

The XWIN smart contract sets the payout amount when a bet is placed, and it cannot be spent prior to the contract settlement.

The platform prevents lockouts that might otherwise occur due to frequent wins or arbitrages. There are no infrastructure risks related to technical issues with interruptions of Internet access or equipment problems, and there is no risk of embezzlement of funds.

The XWIN smart contract performs the role of an arbitrator who manages funds automatically. Players’ accounts are placed on the XWIN smart contract.

Registration on the platform and the purchase of tokens provide players the benefits of ID protection, winnings protection and low fees.

Payments will be made from the general fund, which will combine free exchange pricing, commissions and token price increases. The smart contract guarantees the XWIN token price.

All Types Of Bets Allowed

The XWIN CryptoBet platform will allow for betting on football, hockey, tennis, basketball, motorsports, badminton, baseball, biathlon, boxing, volleyball, handball, darts, E-sports, politics, rugby, mixed martial arts, snooker, chess, show business and other games.

All bids, bets, games, payoffs and results get recorded in the smart contract and are verified against several sources of information, which prevents errors during the transfer of bets and results to the smart contract.

Users can verify the results in the XWIN.io interface or through the XWIN API. They can also verify results through any wallets and web interfaces in the Ethereum blockchain.

The margin will be credited to the smart contract account and managed autonomously. The margin will be distributed as follows: 25% to guaranteed payments to the players; 35% to marketing; 20% to administration; and 20% to investors.

XWIN token holders will be able to sell tokens, redeemed directly by the smart contract, at any time at a nominal price.

Third party counterparties will connect to the XWIN platform using tokens, which are used to account for all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Bookmakers, casinos and rating games can gain automatic access to information such as betting odds, settlement services and betting contracts.

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